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black upvc fascias and guttering

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this months job of the month for May 2017

Our client on the outskirts of bournemouth had several issues with there old gutters, with leaks and failed joints. it also let the property down as it made it look scruffy.  the customer was not overkeen on having white upvc as it did not go with the property propery amd wanted something more fitting for the period of his property.  We suggested that he use a woodgrained effect upvc fascia in black to blend in.  The old" target="_blank">fascia and gutters were stripped off and de nailed and the no maintenance fascias from flowpast were fitted to the perimetter of the building.  the fascias were fitted with all the necaserry fixtures and fittings and secured with ringshanked stainless steel polytop fixings.  We installed a ogee high capacity gutter to the property with down pipes as the property had long runs 14 metres at the front and rear and 11 metres on the sides.  The gutters and fascias come with a 10 year colour guarantee so should not fade with the suns uv rays from sunny bournemouth:).

Single ply repairs April job

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This months feature Job of the month (april 2017)  takes us to a block of new build flats.  they have been up for around ten years and we maintain the roofs for a  managment company.  Due to a recent downpour one of the flats had water ingressing into the property in two seperate areas. We inspected the roof surfaces to find a hopper blocked.   this had cuased the water to build up in the boxgutter and then finding its way invia a weak weld in the singleply rofing system.    This was detected by probing all the joints on the roof pitches  ajacent to the issue .  The second issue we found came from poor detailing around the safety rail protruison.  there was only a 20mm  upstand round the protrusion and the detailing for ths was poor.  and was not adhesed to the collar propely.  The rain water was then running down and ingressing into the property at a lower point of the roof we remedied this by using a peice of Protan membrane and making a collar to the detail welded to the existing membranes. Our training in numerous single ply systems helped us solve the issues quickly and promptly

Joob of the month March 2017 Apex feature

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roofdoctor Dorset Job ofthe month  (march),

this project was to re tle the front of the apex of this1930 semi detached property.  Initially the roof apex was rendered with a wooden slat feature.  We felt and battend th area wincluding a counter batten with tannerlised roofing battens and fixedthe rosemary clay tiles the feuture tiles are guaged out so that they are in the centre  of the Apex.  alongside the feuture tiles  and winchester cuts to the perimetter.  We also re roofed the garage roof and lower porch roof and re leaded the  top f the box window  The lead was supplied by" target="_blank">roofyardWe also changed the apex to a rosewood upvc grained board  and matching fascias and soffits with brown gutters. and retiled the garage roof witch included a matching feature..  Our lead specialist renewed the small lead bay.  These improvements tothe property really transformed it into a well presented modern looking property without losing the character and charm of yesterdayt

fibreglass roofing

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Job feature for is some fibre glass roofs  totalling about 36 square metres on a new build in Bournemouth .  Now this was the architects specification as it has clean lines and modern finish to the perimetter lines it is also hard wearing so is good to use in balcony areas and places of foot traffic.  If you was to ask if this is as hard wearing as say asphalt then I would probally say an asphalt roof is going to last longer thatn the fibreglass and is more durable but unfourtanatleycan look a little dated.  The fibre glass non the less is still an adequate reliable roofing solution provided that the substrate decking if timber is secured with screws countersunk into the substrate to make a very ridged deck to apply the system too.  The system comes with pre formed  perimetter edges for each type of termination detail.  the front edge is a drip edge as ilustrated in the photos along with the side drip and wall upstand flashing and cover flashings alike.  Once the perimetter trims are fitted with clout nails or countersunk screws at  100mm to 150mm intervals  it is required that you fit a scrim in the base coat to all joins in thetrims to the substrate and then paddle rolled in the base coat.  Once this is set we then apply the first coat of base coat this is laid with a hardner which dependant on the tempature and the amount of hardner used will depend on the working time that you have before it is  set.  once the fibre glass is laid in the base coat it needs to be paddle rolled  prior to setting. once the base coat is set it is  good practice to sand or scrape away drips and lumps prior to painting the top coat we do this with a sander .  With the top coat we masked the eges and apply the top coat reasonably thick ensuring theree is no pin holes for the rainwater to ingress into.  With these roofs in the example which are laid with a grey top coat.  However they can be laid in oter colours and with agregates to change the look which is ideal for balconies etc  These types of roof are not as cheap as a standard torch on system but are less labour intensified but are a lot cheaper than an asphalt  or single ply pto or pte roof such as Sarnifil or a Protan roof.  I think if it was my choice of specification I would of gone for a singleply Protan system or simalar for the two outside flat roofs and perhaps the balcony area which we will show in an update to the blog as we are waiting for the builders contractors to get the balcony area ready I would have gone with the  fibreglass for the balcony roof.

All these roofs have a product and material guarantee of upto 25 years    

blocked gutters poole jan 2017

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Hi this months job case study takes us to Ashley Cross in Poole Dorset,

Our client glossbrook had initially called us  to inspect his downpipe outlet to the side of the building which was three stories high30 ft plus. the gap was very narrow between the two properties so we used our telescopic cctv camera to inspect the drain which we was expecting it to be blocked hopper at the top of the  pipe work, but on inspection it transpired there was no blockage and that the issue was coming from the scupper outlet pipe work from the single ply roof being cut too short  and making the rainwater run down the back of the hopper and not into it. 

We came up with a solution of making a single ply apron from Protan Single ply membrane which we welded to the external end of the scupper pipe.  we fitted this aloongside a code 4lead cover flashing which we chased into the wall This allowed the rainwater to drain into the outlet correctly.  Once we had cleaned the moss from the wall we dismantled the scaffolding.

and another project had been completed by me and my team roofdoctors Dorset ,the Dorset branch of Aldersbrook roofing

flat roofing specialists broadstone

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Our job of the month brings us to sunny broadstone in Dorset.  Our client has asked us to fit a economical roof withaverage lifespan so we opted for a high performance roof system from Norde Bitumi wich comes with a 15 year warranty, There is also a 10 year economy range system and a twenty year system to cater for all budget and ranges. The system laid consists of three layers the first layer being a ventilation layer which is laid loosley over the roof area but cut back from the edges to allow adhesion to tthe roof perimetters.  this layer enables any moisture in the decking to dispurse and trapped gases also which eliminates bubbling.  The second layer is a double filmed underlay laid with a seperate opstand and the joins bullnose troweled to ensure quality seals and adhesion.  The third layer is laid with the joins being situated in the middle of the underlay so should the cap sheet layer fail the water wil not run on the underlay layers joints.  The cap sheet is also laid with a seperate upstand .  and all the cap sheet joints are laid with a 5 to 15mm continous bleed.

If you are looking for a flat roof installation which wont break the bank then we think we have the solution with this type of system.  If you would like to have a qoutation or would lke a estimation or advice on this type of install or one of our other types of roofing installation wether it is a Single ply epdm,or protan singleply,fibreglass or liquid roof system or even a hot melt install then we would be more than happy to asist

32 square ,metre outbuilding flat roof 

the vented layer and the secondary underlay

the capsheet layer with seperate upstands

the front edge drip detail

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