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Posted on 26 February, 2017 at 9:00

Job feature for is some fibre glass roofs  totalling about 36 square metres on a new build in Bournemouth .  Now this was the architects specification as it has clean lines and modern finish to the perimetter lines it is also hard wearing so is good to use in balcony areas and places of foot traffic.  If you was to ask if this is as hard wearing as say asphalt then I would probally say an asphalt roof is going to last longer thatn the fibreglass and is more durable but unfourtanatleycan look a little dated.  The fibre glass non the less is still an adequate reliable roofing solution provided that the substrate decking if timber is secured with screws countersunk into the substrate to make a very ridged deck to apply the system too.  The system comes with pre formed  perimetter edges for each type of termination detail.  the front edge is a drip edge as ilustrated in the photos along with the side drip and wall upstand flashing and cover flashings alike.  Once the perimetter trims are fitted with clout nails or countersunk screws at  100mm to 150mm intervals  it is required that you fit a scrim in the base coat to all joins in thetrims to the substrate and then paddle rolled in the base coat.  Once this is set we then apply the first coat of base coat this is laid with a hardner which dependant on the tempature and the amount of hardner used will depend on the working time that you have before it is  set.  once the fibre glass is laid in the base coat it needs to be paddle rolled  prior to setting. once the base coat is set it is  good practice to sand or scrape away drips and lumps prior to painting the top coat we do this with a sander .  With the top coat we masked the eges and apply the top coat reasonably thick ensuring theree is no pin holes for the rainwater to ingress into.  With these roofs in the example which are laid with a grey top coat.  However they can be laid in oter colours and with agregates to change the look which is ideal for balconies etc  These types of roof are not as cheap as a standard torch on system but are less labour intensified but are a lot cheaper than an asphalt  or single ply pto or pte roof such as Sarnifil or a Protan roof.  I think if it was my choice of specification I would of gone for a singleply Protan system or simalar for the two outside flat roofs and perhaps the balcony area which we will show in an update to the blog as we are waiting for the builders contractors to get the balcony area ready I would have gone with the  fibreglass for the balcony roof.

All these roofs have a product and material guarantee of upto 25 years    

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Reply Dan
8:47 on 24 September, 2017 
thanx, but very little about fibreglass flat roof, check here