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Rubber epdm roofs

Posted on 18 April, 2017 at 0:40

What are the benefits of epdm over some of the other roofing systems available on todays market.  Well one of the main benifits is that it is made in one sheet which eliminates the series of joins that you would get in a high performance torch on or felt sysytem.  They are also highly elastic meaning that they have a good tolerance from movement in the building whiich you would not get from a rigid system such as fibreglass roofing.

Now  there are numerous systems on the  (" target="_blank">manufacturers of these systems) market and they aint all laid the same and seeing that the devil is usually in the detail  excuse the pun. this is a very important factor.  So one of the benifits of the system is no joins or seems however were there is a protrusion the membrane needs tgo be cut ie windows pipes box detailing  corners etc.  Now this is usaully were problems will arise on termination detailing.   Some of the systems which are geared up for the domestic market ask for corners to be cut and then have a adehsive tape to carry out the corner detailing others are carried out by heat welding ataching another peice of epdm membrane the later being the better termination of the two.  On a prelasti system the corners are created with a series of folds to eliminate the cutting.   The  prelasti system is used a lot in comercal building and is of a better quality than the ones geared up for the domestic markets.  The quality is in the thickness of the membrane and detailing options and can be laid in one sheet up to 300 square metres. any seems in the membrane are carried out under factory conditions with there vulcanising system.  

If you are contemplating fitting this type of roof system to your house or specifing it for a develepment then it usually pays to look at the terms of the guarantee being offered.  The claims that the product has a life expectancy of 40 years etc is not a bonafide warranty of the product and is merely a statement of how long the product might last.  The warranty is usually 20 years and dependant on the system might only be for the Material and wont cover you for the labour.   This is why the guarantee terms are important  as you would want a guarantee that covers you for the material and the labour.  These types of guarantees  usualy mean that the contractor has been trained in the systems and is a approved installer that the manufacturer is confident in being a competent company in the installing of there product  enabling them to underwrite the workmanship in the  guarantee.  This type of guarantee is the one that you want.

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